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Rodiek Interiors

When Alfred Rodiek established our company in 1932, he could not have foreseen the challenges our industry would now be facing. However, he laid the foundations of a family company that has grown organically and is now successfully doing business under the management of the fourth generation. From our beginnings as manufacturers of wooden furniture and wall panelling, the last 30 years have seen us develop into a turnkey supplier with sole responsibility for projects encompassing entire yacht interiors as well as building fit-outs and individual pieces of designer furniture.

"We can't decide the wind, but we can direct the sails."

Portrait Hilmar Westermeyer

Hilmar Westermeyer

Managing Director

Tel.: +49 421 69760 73
Mobil: +49 172 569760 7
Portrait Fynn Rodiek

Fynn Rodiek

Managing Director

Portrait Bernd Brüning

Bernd Brüning

Managing Director

Portrait Andreas Hering

Andreas Hering

Project Manager

Portrait Philipp Münsterjohann

Philipp Münsterjohann

Project Manager

Portrait Jorit Wessels

Jorit Wessels

Project Manager

Portrait Ralf Tietjen

Ralf Tietjen

Calculation and purchase

Portrait Heiner Flügger

Heiner Flügger

Calculation and project assistance

Portrait Matthias Sommer

Matthias Sommer

Construction management

Rodiek Interiors

from 1932 until today


Foundation of the joinery by Alfred Rodiek


Klaus Rodiek takes over the management of the company


Entry into the yacht interior


Relocation to Hansering 5 and expansion of the yacht interior fittings production branch


Completion of the first entire yacht installation as a turnkey installation


Expansion of production and office space


Takeover of the management by Bernd Brüning


Further expansion of manufacturing and office space


90th anniversary of the Rodiek company

Historical picture gallery Rodiek


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